Sample Daily Schedule

  • 9:00     Drop-off
  • 9:30     Circle Time
  • 9:45     Playground
  • 10:30   Snack
  • 11:00   Chapel/Music
  • 11:15   Art and Centers
  • 12:00   Lunch
  • 12:30   Nap/Rest Time
  • 2:15     Pick Up


The WWDS Library has over 50 categories of books including: All About Me, Colors, Community Helpers, Family, Multicultural, Senses, and Space. There are age-appropriate books for all of our students, as well as board books for our youngest learners. A special feature of our library are the book baskets. Book baskets offer the teachers and students the ability to bring the story to life using objects to represent the characters or story line of the book.


Chapel is a weekly class for all of our students to connect to their spiritual self using age-appropriate stories, lessons, songs, and prayer. The children learn about God, Jesus, and faith and build that relationship in a fun and safe environment. During Chapel lessons children gain perspective on the world around them.

Motor is a weekly class for Dayschool and Pre-K that concentrates on the development of gross motor skills. The children participate in exercises, and fun activities geared toward strength, hand-eye-coordination, balance, and confidence in their body.

Music is a weekly class for all of our students designed to expose children to multiple genres, beginning musical concepts and a wide range of sounds. Movement activities encourage gross motor development while teaching tempo and rhythm recognition. Listening activities help develop critical and creative thinking skills. This class offers our students a social, interactive environment where they can foster their lifelong love of music.

School Traditions

  • Children’s Chapel
  • Halloween Parade
  • Christmas Program
  • Snow Day
  • Chuckwagon Lunch
  • Art Show and Ice Cream Social
  • Field Day
  • Spring Programs
  • Pre-K Graduation

Summer Program

We host a short summer program, for our existing students, in the month of June. This is a relaxed, fun-filled program of creative art, outside play, and language development for the children.